Welcome to our h(OM)e sweet h(OM)e.

Last month, we planted roots and opened the doors to Om Base, our new brick and mortar headquarters and donation-based yoga studio. After six years as a yoga nomad, I am excited to finally have a place to call h(om)e. The goal for Om Base is expand the mission of Mobile Om to hold space for inspiring mindfulness, cultivating connection and building community through yoga.

Creating this special space has been a labor of love, one that I believe began with a small seed of intention that was planted six years ago in a place not too far from to our new h(om)e. I had no idea back in 2013 when I hosted the very first Mobile Om class on the Hays Street Bridge that that was the first step of a wondrous and wandering journey that would lead us to where we are today.

Yoga mats unrolled in preparation for the first Mobile Om class on the Hays Street Bridge on June 21, 2013.

Yoga mats unrolled in preparation for the first Mobile Om class on the Hays Street Bridge on June 21, 2013.


“Not all those who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Six years ago when I was just starting out as a mobile yogi-preneur, I chose this quote as a tagline for Mobile Om not fully even realizing at the time just how fitting it would be for not only setting the tone for Mobile Om, but also for defining my path as it’s leader along the way.  

When I hosted the first Mobile Om yoga class on the bridge, I had no clue the path that lie ahead. I never even expected for Mobile Om to be much more than a few donation-based classes on the Hays Street Bridge. What I did have was a dream and a heartfelt desire to do something about it.

In 2013 the landscape of yoga in San Antonio looked much different than it does today, with far fewer yoga studios and even less yoga practitioners. There was a general lack of awareness in the community about yoga and I noticed that apprehension and intimidation were the biggest hurdles to overcome in getting people to show up for a yoga class.

Determined to reach those reluctant to yoga, it became my mission to find a better way to get through to those people who needed to hear the message of yoga the most. I saw the need to mobilize yoga outside of the traditional setting in order to make the practice more approachable and accessible to our community which led me to host that first donation-based class on the Hays Street Bridge six years ago. Unbeknownst to me, this class would also be the birth of Mobile Om.

What began as a movement to create an inclusive space where people feel comfortable showing up in their own skin blossomed into so much more. Mobile Om grew into more more than individuals practicing yoga in unique places. What blossomed was a community who show up to practice with and be a stand for greatness in one another.

No hurries, no worries. Take a moment before or after class to relax in our living room lounge.

No hurries, no worries. Take a moment before or after class to relax in our living room lounge.


No matter how far your roam, there no place like home.

The last 6 years have been an incredible journey and Mobile Om has blossomed into something far beyond anything I would have imagined. We have had the opportunity to host yoga classes in some of San Antonio’s most iconic local landmarks and have introduced thousands of people in our community to the practice of yoga.

As our mobile yoga efforts have flourished, so, too, has the overall landscape of yoga in San Antonio and yoga now holds a much larger footprint in our city. With more local studios and people practicing yoga than ever before, yoga has become far more accessible and class options across the city more plentiful. It’s incredible to step back and think that, in some way, Mobile Om has had an impact on opening up our community to the practice of yoga.

The decision to put down more permanent roots and make our own mark on the yoga studio landscape is one that has evolved through the yearning to further the intention of Mobile Om in this new era of yoga in San Antonio. As our offerings grew to include more in-depth programming such as teacher trainings, workshops and series, so, too, grew the need for a home to welcome our community to gather and grow together.

When the opportunity to open a space so close to the Hays Street Bridge, where the seed for Mobile Om was planted, presented itself, I could not pass it up. Om Base will be an expansion of the Mobile Om brand with a focus on offering specialized classes, workshops and teacher trainings as well as hosting a daily schedule of donation-based yoga classes.

Don’t worry, we will still be just as mobile as ever, offering all of your favorite classes in the community and will continue to expand our mobile efforts in the community along with the growth of the studio.

Inside the studio space at Om Base, located at 125 Lamar Suite 105.

Inside the studio space at Om Base, located at 125 Lamar Suite 105.


Come discover your h(om)e away from home. All are welc(om)e here.

If you have not had the chance to visit our new h(om)e, I want to personally invite you to come join us for a class and check out our new Eastside digs. As an offering of appreciation for supporting our wandering ways throughout the years, I would love to offer you a FREE CLASS to come see us at Om Base! See below for details.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to welcoming you into our new home.


How to access your FREE CLASS at OM Base:
1. Follow the link below to view our full schedule.
2. Find a class to take at OM Base + Click “Book Now!”
3. Choose any donation amount and go to your Cart.
4. Enter discount code OMFREE + Click “Complete”
5. Join us for your FREE CLASS at OM Base!