Embarking on the journey of becoming a yoga teacher is about more than simply learning the knowledge needed to safely and effectively lead students through an asana practice. The path to becoming an authentic and empowered yoga teacher is a process of self-discovery and enlightenment through experience. 

I started the Mobile Om Yoga Teacher Training because I felt there was something missing in most of the teachers I saw graduating from yoga teacher trainings. While many of them were well equipped with technical knowledge of the asana practice, their teaching lacked the heart and soul that I found in the teachers who truly inspired me. 

As I developed the Mobile Om Teacher Training curriculum, I knew I wanted to create a program that was distinctively different, steeped in learning and experiencing the full spectrum of the yoga practice,as a journey inward. I designed the Mobile Om 200 Hour program as a unique and immersive journey into personal discovery and development. We take a practical approach to the traditional teachings of yoga, applying the ancient wisdom to modern life and fully engaging in all aspects of the practice. This journey takes our trainees deep into the heart of yoga and creates teachers who are able to share with authenticity and lead confidently through experience and compassion. 

Curious about what else makes the Mobile Om 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training stand out? Here are a list of 5 life-changing benefits of our training…


1. Deepen your asana and meditation practice. 

The most fundamental traits of an empowered and inspiring yoga teacher is embracing the role of a perpetual student. To truly uncover the possibilities that lie in this practice, it requires first hand experience. Our teacher training will hold you accountable to a consistent yoga and meditation practice that will provide the breeding ground for your growth as a yoga teacher. Aside from the hours of group practices during our weekends together, you will be require to complete at least 20 yoga classes throughout the duration of training. 

2. Discover your deepest, most genuine self. 

Beyond the physical practice, the process of yoga is a journey inward, an uncovering of what lies beneath and an awakening to the truth within. The practices of yoga helps to uncover the layers of life that have been built and block us from seeing our innermost truth. Our teacher training program is designed to crack you open and break down the boundaries of your current beliefs about yourself and the world around you. In this process, you will learn to listen a little closer to your heart, allow space for inpiration and intuition and trust the guidance of your inner voice.

3. Uncover and empower your authentic voice.

A yoga teachers greatest skill is being a clear and powerful communicator. Whether using voice, touch, breath or body language, an empowered yoga teacher communicates through presence, compassion and authenticity. The Mobile Om teacher training program encourages students to drop the scripts, get out of their heads and learn to speak and lead from the heart, sharing from personal experience. We focus on staying grounded and engaged directly with your students to inspire others through you own yoga journey. 

4. Enhance your knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy and spirituality. 

Yoga teacher training is the perfect place to dive deeper into the more subtle realms of yoga practice and learn more about the history and philosophy of this ancient practice. Our program is steeped in exploration of the spiritual and traditional yoga teachings as well as applying this ancient art of awareness to modern day life. 

5. Connect with a tribe of spiritual comrades. 

One of the most beautiful things to blossom throughout training is the connection you cultivate with your fellow trainees. Throughout the training, you will laugh, cry and grow together, establishing bonds that will last a lifetime. Beyond your trainees, you will also become immersed in the Mobile Om yoga community at large. With an unlimited class pass along with serving through our Karma Yoga program and eventually leading your own classes, you will quickly become part of our tribe of OMies and we can’t wait to have you! 

Interested in diving in? Check out mobileomtx.com/teacher-training for more information or email me at  cassandra@mobileomtx.com