It's been said that it takes 40 days to break or change a habit. This is the guiding principle behind work renowned yoga teacher, Baron Baptiste’s book and breakthrough program, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. This transformational journey is a 40 day commitment to your personal health and well being, proven to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul.

Through yoga, meditation, diet and personal inquiry, this program gives you the tools you need to set yourself free and live the healthy life you have always wanted. Tapping into ancient yoga philosophy and wisdom from his own personal experience, Baron Baptiste has created a relevant and practical program that will lead you home to mental clarity, lightness of body and illumination of spirit that comes with whole-life health.

“If you dedicate your energies to detaching from struggle, giving up fear,
taking right action, and practicing true patience within yourself,
you will find that all the pieces of your life begin to radiate
with the luminosity of whole and true health.”
- Baron Baptiste
40 Days to Personal Revolution

The 40 Days to Personal Revolution program, at its core, teaches you to take the time to extensively reflect on all aspects of yourself – your consciousness, your thought patterns, your yoga practice, and your life overall. We have the ability to do whatever we want when we believe we can. Often, our own minds are what hold us back, preventing us from doing what we want because we fear the unknown. The uncertainty can be scary, but it is what’s on the other side that is worth fighting for.

Join Mobile Om founder, Cassandra Fauss, as we embark on this 6 week commitment to supporting one another in making the shift to a more clear, confident and empowered way of being. The program consists of a 6 days a week of physical yoga practice, daily meditation, self inquiry journalling, mindful eating, and weekly meetings to discuss and share with your fellow 40 day journeyers.