Mobile Classes

Back to Basics at Burleson Yard

Lets get back to basics with this all levels flow curated to help you master the foundations of your yoga practice in a mindful way! Meet us on the mat at this fun and irreverent local landmark for a beginner-friendly practice focused on building fundamentals in a fun, casual and not at all intimidating environment. Join us after for socializing and beer! 

Yin Yoga With Gongs in Coates Chapel (Southwest School of Art)

Experience meditation in motion as you practice and breathe beneath the soaring ceilings and elegant stained glass windows of the gorgeous gothic Coates Chapel. Built in 1967, the chapel at the Southwest School of Art is a historical landmark reminiscent of San Antonio’s early days, it’s picturesque interior providing the perfect setting to step away from the world and connect within. Come experience the magic and marvel of this beautiful space with a relaxing Yin Yoga practice set to the enchanting sounds of live gongs.

Power Flow at Freetail Brewing Co. (S Presa)

Sweat a pint and drink a pint. Drop your ego and expectations at the door and meet us on the mat inside Freetail Brewery for a dynamic vinyasa practice designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance and focus. This playful practice will guides students towards greater awareness of self, personal transformation and OM-powerment through a mix of mantra, meditation and asana. Cool down and connect with your classmates in the taproom after practice and cheers to community over a cold craft beer.

Yoga in the Gallery at Freight Gallery & Studios

Join us for an all levels flow in the SoFlo Arts District inside the beautiful Freight Gallery and Studios. This creative vinyasa practice is mindfully curated to enhance your experience through art appreciation inspired by the current masterpieces on exhibit. Stick around after class to take in the rest of the gallery or enjoy a warm bowl of Kimura Ramen.

Vinyasa with a View at Hays Street Bridge

This is the locaton that put Mobile Om on the map! Make your way to the eastside to see why the Hays Street Bridge is still our favorite yoga spot in San Antonio. Embrace the unique urban elements around you as you enjoy an invigorating yoga practice with a breathtaking sunset over the downtown skyline. Meet us every Friday evening starting February 8th to find connection to yourself and your surroundings as you move and breath your way to a sweet savasana under the sky.

Tap That Asana at Alamo Beer

Unroll your mat in the Alamo Beer Hall for a user-friendly yoga flow that's sure to kick asana! The perfect opportunity for beer lovers to experience yoga in a casual, fun and not at all intimidating environment...and what better reward at the end of class than an ice cold Alamo beer with your OMies?! This is an all level practice that is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Studio classes

Om FLOW {all level vinyasa}

Our signature vinyasa class, offering a holistic experience of body, mind and spirit linked together through a dynamic series of breath, mindfulness and movement. Each class begins with meditation and breathwork (pranayama) to set the tone and intention for the practice before moving through a mindful and dynamic sequence of physical postures (asanas) and ending in the surrender of a sweet savasana meditation. No experience necessary! This is an all-level vinyasa practiced, with modifications and intensifications offered to accommodate all levels of experience.

Om BASIC {beginner vinyasa}

A slower paced version of our signature flow class that focuses on building basic breath and body awareness and creating a strong foundation for a vinyasa practice. This class is ideal for those brand new to yoga or experienced yogis looking to brush up on the basics. Each class begins with meditation and breathwork (pranayama) to set the tone and intention for the practice before moving through a mindful and beginner-friendly sequence of asana and ending in the surrender of a sweet savasana meditation.  No experience necessary! This is the perfect place to start your yoga practice.

Om POWER {advanced vinyasa}

An EMpowered version of our signature flow class, designed for more seasoned yoga practitioners and those looking to be challenged and break a sweat. This strength-building practice moves at an invigorating pace and includes the addition of advanced postures (asana) and sequencing.  Each class begins with meditation and breathwork (pranayama) to set the tone and intention for the practice before moving through a mindful and invigorating sequence of asana and ending in the surrender of a sweet savasana meditation. Some yoga experience recommended. This practice moves at a quicker pace with less time focused on specific alignment cues.

Om SLOW {slow vinyasa}

Moving at an even slower pace than our BASIC practice, this meditative vinyasa practice links unhurried breath with mindful movement led at a comfortable pace to give you space to just be in your body without rush and deepen your exploration of each posture. Each class begins with an opening meditation and breathwork (pranayama) to set the tone and intention for the practice before moving mindfully through an intentional series of postures set at a slow and methodical pace. This slow and steady practice allows you to explore the actions, alignment and energetics within each posture, deepening into stretching postures and taking pause in the power of strength-building asanas (postures).

Om RESTORE {yin/restorative yoga}

A slow, gentle and meditative practice designed to cultivate peace and ease in the mind and body. Class begins with intentional breathwork and meditation followed by a mindful series of Yin Yoga postures (asana), held for up to 5 minutes each, allowing time for deep release. Slow your mind, soothe your body, and balance your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being in this heart-centered practice in stillness, mindfulness and being.

Kundalini Yoga {dynamic meditation}

Not your mama’s meditation! This dynamic and invigorating class uses the ancient technology of kundalini yoga to awaken your mind and body with movement, breath and meditation. Drop your expectations at the door and come with an open mind ready to try something new! 

Kundalini yoga is an ancient science that contains precisely formulated kriyas, or practices, that combine postures (asana), movement, pranayama (breath), mantra (chanting) and meditation, practiced in a specific order to achieve a specific intention. Each practice will differ slightly depending on the focus and intention for the class, but will all contain the building blocks of breath, postures (asana), movement, mantra and meditation, intentionally weaved together to awaken the energy and wisdom within and transform mental, physical and emotional stress into inner peace, vitality and ease.